Not just another single-use glove!

The EnviroGlove is made from a Hybrid Poly Material containing a unique blend that delivers high strength, high elasticity, covering a wide range of applications, offering environmental protection whilst being non-toxic, safe and available in many colours.


EnviroGlove has impressive credentials, here is our full set of certifications:

  • FDA approved plus EN1186
  • EN374 Parts 1-5 and EN455 Parts 1-3 all certified
  • AQL 1.5

There are many aspects to the EnviroGlove that make it a more eco proposition to the traditional material gloves.

The above 8 points are all positive facts that demonstrate our EnviroGlove is much less impactful on the environment when compared to traditional vinyl and nitrile gloves. These are exactly the reasons why the NHS (National Health Service) and many local/national government authorities in the UK (plus the Bank of England) are considering EnviroGlove as a means to achieving their objectives of lowering their carbon footprint